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Company Overview

Pacitora Biotech has been started by his founder in year of 2017 after the 15 years experience to run and establish many organisation and reached at top level position in administration,manage skilled staff recruitment and also developed skills of team, adding  Third party associate, Franchisee associate, Launching many franchisee divisions and established. Provide excellent quality and services with full customer satisfactions.

The above and all experience are enhance us to start Pacitora Biotech based on only excellent quality, Presentation, Full customer satisfactions by providing excellent services , fulfil the commitment, we know the value of our words and commitments for long lasting relationship with our valuable associates.
Pacitora Biotech is committed to provide excellent quality products and follows all parameter to developed result oriented products by our skilled and experience team.

Pacitora Biotech is committed to “Accelerating healthcare for all”. The simplest words describe the most profound truths healthy society is always our goal, we understand medicine is not just a molecule but it’s a magic to regain everyone health.

Pacitora Biotech belief is guided by our principles – Commitment, Empathy & Excellency which provide guidance for our actions ahead..


Innovations is the priority of our organisation in every parameter in quality, packaging, skill enhancement of our team, Innovations towards simplicity, reduce complexity , systematic work culture without any work pressure by excellent planning and training to provide 100 % satisfactions to our valuable associates.


At Pacitora Biotech we make quality healthcare products with affordable & accessible to the society.
We always remember of our corporate social responsibility towards health, cleanness , education , environment  and other helps towards the need of society and our employee also .


Pacitora Biotech focus to reduce complexity create a work culture to perform without an error, develop the skilled team to provide excellent services, systematic work culture, divide responsibility to count the individual performance and growth accordingly and always try to get feedback from our valuable associates to improve ourselves everytime.

Pacitora Biotech has commitment to the highly ethical standard, providing the highly effective medicines to cure the patients that is our core value, our goals towards the customer satisfaction by providing the excellent quality as well as services , regular skill development of our valuable team, good relationship with our all associates and suppliers, concentrate always in result oriented work culture.

Thanks to our experience which make us confident to actively solve tough challenges and advance collective goal.


At Pacitora Biotech our quality parameter is not only in operational but is valued at every level of our business, we believe in customer satisfaction and deliver it 100%, we want to ensure that our every product no matter from wherever it has produced meets the high expectation for stability & effectiveness for our associates , consumer, employees, regulatory agency.
We are equipped with excellent manufacturing and analytical team to produce the quality products for our valuable customers.


Our Vision

Since the beginning we have always dreamt big, I started dreaming of creating of our own Pharmaceuticals Company that would one day specifically known as pioneer in his Excellency & Quality. We are committed to provide the excellent products to our nation’s people who benefitted by our innovative & excellent healthcare products


Pacitora Biotech will develop the team across the India with mutual benefit to reach our healthcare products to patients in need. We also have the responsibility to generate value of all our associates. We want to be one of the nation’s best performing, trusted, quality & service oriented healthcare company. We want to grow a balanced business with simplicity, Innovativeness and efficient.

  • Thoroughly tested product conforming to GMP and WHO GMP
  • Highly Efficient, Reliable, Prompt After-Sales Service
  • In-house Design facility
  • Custom Input Ranges to suit particular needs
  • High Efficiency